Employers Register to Pay

If you are an employer needing to register for web payments, please follow the instructions below.

Sign up for an account at BNY MELLON

1. New users can register here.
2. Enter your User ID and the Registration Code, in the designated fields, on the User ID Registration screen:

User ID: Composed of the five-digit Central States Customer ID (19508) and up to 10-character unique identifier. For example, Central States Customer ID is 19508. If your last name is used as the unique identifier, the User ID will be 19508Lastname. Note: The User ID is not case sensitive.

Registration Code: RJT9MLM6

Click SETUP. When the registration code is validated by the system, the User ID Registration screen displays. (If needed, select CANCEL to return to the initial Sign In screen, or select RESET to clear the User ID and Registration Code fields.)

Mellon Registration

3. Complete the fields on the User ID Registration screen (an * indicates the field is required):

User ID Registration:

User ID (prefilled) Password

The minimum number of characters for a password is 8, and the maximum is 40. The password must also contain at least one alpha and one numeric character. The password is case sensitive.

Confirm Password

Personal Information:

First Name Last Name

Business Address 1

Business Address 2 & 3 (optional)

City, State, Zip / Postal Code, Country (State and Country have dropdown selection boxes)

Business Phone

Note: When a country other than US is selected, up to 28 free form characters may be entered in the phone number field. Otherwise, the standard 10 digits are required.

Business E-Mail

Note: The email address must be accessible by the user this User ID belongs to.

Confirm Business E-Mail.

Security Questions:

Each security question must be answered. These security questions and the appropriate answers are stored for future authentication of the user

When all the required fields have been completed, click SETUP at the bottom of the screen to continue to the User ID Confirmation screen. Click CANCEL to return to the initial User ID Registration screen.

Mellon Registration

4. All of your entered information will be displayed. Review your information and answers on the Confirmation screen.

Click CONFIRM if the information on the User ID Confirmation screen is correct. Click CANCEL if the information is incorrect to return to the User ID Registration screen. The registration information can be re-entered.

Mellon Registration

Important! You must click CONTINUE to complete the registration process.

Mellon Registration

You have successfully registered your User ID and Password, but you can’t make payments at this time.

Please note: a Security Administrator must now grant you access to the Web Payment Program before you can finalize your registration. You will receive an email notification within 24 hours, at that point you may continue on to next steps. 

Setting up your bank payment information 

1. Go to https://nexen.bnymellon.com and log in with your User ID and Password you created.

Select: Transactions -> Payments and Transfers -> Master File Payment System (MPS) -> Location Maintenance -> Create

Mellon Payments

2. Select Company Number 2701 TeamCare / Central States Health & Welfare Fund or 2702 for Central States Pension Fund.

If you wish to make payments to both Funds, you must complete the Location Maintenance registration process twice (once under company number 2701, and once under company number 2702). You can use the same User ID and Password for both Funds.

Click Submit.

Mellon Payments

3. Enter your information in all the boxes within the Location Information, Posting Information, and Create PIN Information sections and click SUBMIT. (See below for detailed box descriptions)

Mellon Payments

  • Location Number – Enter your 7-digit Central States Employer Account Number + your 4-digit Terminal Number in this box (no dashes)
  • Location Name – Enter your company’s name in this box
  • Posting TR # – Enter your transit routing number at your bank
  • Posting Acct #– Enter your account number at your bank
  • Acct Type – Only corporate accounts can be used for the Web Payment Program.  Personal checking and savings accounts cannot be accepted
  • Output Type – Select ACH Debit
  • PIN #– You may either create your own six-digit PIN number or leave this field blank and click Generate to have BNY Mellon automatically generate a random PIN. (Note: it may take several weeks for the bank to generate a random PIN and a PIN is required to make payments, therefore we recommend creating your own PIN number)
4. Review your information and click CONFIRM.

Mellon Payments

5. If the Status reads Successful, you have completed your registration to the Web Payment Program.

Mellon Payments

Please note: once you receive email confirmation, you may begin submitting web payments to TeamCare / Central States Funds. Please allow 2-3 business days for this process to be completed.

Submitting Web payments 

1. Go to https://nexen.bnymellon.com .

Enter the User ID & Password you created during the registration process and click Log In.

Mellon Payments

2. Select: Transactions -> Payments and Transfers -> Master Payment System (MPS) -> Create

Mellon Payments

3. Select Company Number 2701 for the Health and Welfare Fund or 2702 for the Pension Fund. Click SUBMIT.

Mellon Payments

4. Enter your 11-digit Location Number (7-digit employer number + 4-digit terminal number), your PIN number, the amount of your payment, and the Settlement Date. Then check the Select box on the line item you want to submit and click SUBMIT.

Mellon Payments

5: Verify your transaction and click CONFIRM.

Mellon Payments

6: The following screen appears showing your transaction entry is SUCCESSFUL.


Mellon Payments

If you need to make a correction, click on the MODIFY button, or go to the following location and continue on to Step 7:

Transactions -> Payments and Transfers -> Master Payment System (MPS) -> Modify

7. If you choose Modify from the left-hand menu, select the desired company number from the drop-down list and click SUBMIT.

If you choose Modify from the MPS Entry screen (from Step 3), you will not see this page, continue to Step 8.

Mellon Payments

8. Enter the required fields (marked with an asterisk *) for the transaction you want to modify and click SUBMIT.

Mellon Payments

9. Select the item by checking the Select box and click MODIFY to change the amount or the Settlement Date or click DELETE to delete a transaction.

Mellon Payments

10. For Modifications, enter the new amount or new settlement date and click SUBMIT.

Mellon Payments

11. For Modifications and Deletions, a confirmation screen will then appear. Verify your information and click CONFIRM.

Mellon Payments

12. On the next screen the Status will display Successful if the information for the Modification or Deletion was correct.

You have now completed the Modification or Deletion.

Mellon Payments